issue one/forgive me daddy for i have sinned: Issue one is prooof of Christianity's systematic oppression of women's sexuality told through a teeming collection of the many stories surrounding purity culture through disparate voices, from police to willing participants. 

issue two/promise i'll do better: This issue is prooof of a burden often felt by first-generation Americans; the pressure of having to make your family’s sacrifices worthwhile. We often grow-up hyper aware of the reality of our existence and the countless sacrifices and hardships that were endured for our well-being. This leads to a juggling act between our parents’ hopes and dreams with our own.

issue three/man, we could use a big fat dose of global warming: This issue is prooof of the president’s incompetence to deal with climate change.President Trump’s damaging budget-cutting plans for FEMA and his rescinding of executive orders designed to help rebuild flooded communities show the destructive effects of a president who believes that climate change is a hoax.