Store and product concept, production, and brand identity by Farah Kafei for a Fall 2017 senior thesis. Photography by Sinjun Strom. Hair and makeup by Shideh Kafei & Allison Owens
The Objects
 Logo Fall 2017 consists of six objects. Selected photographs that are used throughout the identity are shown below
belt: worn by Andrew Ruhkai and Adam Blufarb

roll: Allison Owens laying on the hairy roll

helmet & die

watch: Adam Blufarb wears the blue watch

butts: Allison Owens smoking and Andrew Ruhkai holding the cigarette butts. 
The Identity
Below are different aspects of Logo's identity. The concept behind the branding uses the same logic that the objects use.

website: Logo exists as a webstore; the website features a landing page, a cursor, and new windows for each product


flyer: flyer used to promote Logo's launch party (my final presentation)

staff t-shirt