collaboration with Valentina Vergara for Spring 2018 thesis
Missing Pages
Missing Pages is an installation that discovers, collects, and compiles the work and contribution of women who have shaped graphic design but are not credited or represented nearly enough. The information presented on these pages was sourced from a variety of articles and books, and then carefully pieced together to create a reconciled history textbook page.

Printed at an exaggerated scale, and hung from the ceiling made the Pages and the women they feature unavoidable for those passing by. 

Resource Corner: Accompanying Missing Pages was a resource corner which provided visitors with bits & pieces of key reading material and 
information— including books we asked the department to purchase and stacks of scanned essays. 

Send Thanks: We wanted visitors to be able to reach out to the larger world and provided postcards as a way to do so. We encouraged visitors to use the postcards to thank a woman in their life, or a woman they admire, which we then stamped and mailed for them. 

Spread from Archive, explaining some design decisions

We wanted to activate every space within our department and created posters as well as facts which were scattered all over classrooms as a form of promotion as well as a way to instigate conversations. 

spread from Archive showing results from a survey we conducted in our research phase

spread from Archive showing lists from a "name any graphic designer you can think of in 3 minutes" game done by several students and
showing the gender imbalance in our learning

Against All Odds
Against All Odds was a panel discussion with Carly Ayres, Natasha Jen, Ellen Lupton, and Tracy Ma which focused on gender disparity in graphic design education and its effects. The dynamic group of ladies have, Against All Odds, carved their way through a world not built for them, and become some of designs most influential voices. We wanted to open the conversation to a larger community. It was an insightful, sometimes tense, and always interesting discussion! The event was free and open to the public; over 150 people attended. 

The entire panel discussion can be watched at here

​​​​​​​Advertising & Promoting ​​​​​​​
Leading up to this eventful week we covered the school with print ads all over campus, and digital ads which were shared and re-posted throughout social media.
A collection of the research, ideologies, design, and physical manifestations of Led by Example.